We're investing in brands that have era-defining, cult-classic potential. Along with our investments, we're changing the way a traditional cap table looks by bringing GenZ investors to the conversation. We love all brands serving next-generation consumers and shaping new consumer cultures.

The inspiration for our name comes from "cult-classic" films, which are known for their dedicated and loyal fanbase, often forming an elaborate film sub-culture, where members engage in repeated viewings, dialogue-quoting, dress-ups and festivals, and more. They often break cultural taboos, sometimes leading to controversy and censorships, but those who survive go down in history. We look for era-defining brands that can have the same magnitude of influence and strive to develop a timeless relationship with consumers.

We're early stage, focused on Pre-Seed - Series A companies, writing checks between $10k - $250k. Primarily, we're interested in consumer products and consumer tech, based in North America.

Last Updated: 2021/11/24