Managing Partner

Johnnie Yu

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Coming from a film background, my personal investment thesis is intersectional and inspired by science fiction films and theory. Apart from seeing tech through the lens of film, the hustle culture is also one of many common threads between the startup and film worlds for me, where we are constantly performing different roles, improvising and adapting to new challenges, making the most out of limited resources, and creating something amazing out of nothing.

In my spare time, I play the saxophone, take photos of friends & family, and write film reviews. Also father to an adorable corgi.

If I were a film protagonist: Nick Carraway (from The Great Gatsby). Opinionated but capable of reserving judgement, happy to assume a secondary role (but will own & narrate the story), and in love with life in New York!

Favorite sci-fi film: Arrival (Denis Villeneuve). Big believer that seemingly insignificant things (like speech & language) have the biggest impact on our values and the way we construct a working model of the world in our mind.

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