Maude is an essentials brand with a focus on access to sexual wellness products.

2021 (pre-fund)
DTC / Sex Tech

It shouldn't come as a total surprise that the sexual wellness industry is well-positioned for disruption. Before DTC brands, the most well known condom brands are legacies. No one we knew would unironically wear a hat or sweater and represent legacy players in social occasions, and to us, that's a brand opportunity. Then, with sex toys, the only place to buy them is street corner sex shops, with logos that mostly no one will ever recognize, not to mention ridiculous markups and inconsistent pricing among stores.

We're fans of Maude not just because they make sex better. They foster a more open and inclusive sex culture. Maude doesn't just sell vibrators, they sell everything from intimate massage oils to towels for cleanup after sex. And they do all of that beautifully in products that we no longer feel an urge to hide in the bedroom, but can be proudly displayed, just like a scented candle, or a tube of hand cream.